The “Empress” is a magnificent pendant from the High Jewellery Collection, exquisitely designed, handcrafted in white gold, and elegantly set with 60 of the finest Ceylon Blue Sapphires. It represents one of the finest examples of contemporary Sapphire creations from the island of the Blue Sapphire.

The DRAGONFLY is a lovingly handcrafted inspiration of nature, a bold interpretation of texture and form, its blue sapphires set in white gold, and its natural aesthetic carried through to the sapphire earrings and 3 tier sapphire and white gold ring.

This intricately sculptured, ornate Cross symbolizes Holiness, Wisdom and Virtue, the quintessential qualities of the 29 fine Ceylon blue sapphires which adorn it.

The LOTUS FLOWER is a handcrafted masterpiece of great spiritual symbolism, emblematic of purity, beauty, and spiritual awakening. Its subtle flowing petals of white gold are set with a myriad of exquisite blue sapphires.